1957. A town called Mayfield. Here is Woody. He is a pleasant boy and well liked. But Woody has a secret. Watch what happens as Woody’s secret destroys first him and then everyone he loves. And then, yes, all of humanity. Ah, Woody! Can a man hold fire in his bosom and his garments not burn?
I Was a Teenage Firestarter/Bedwetter from Mars! is a 10-minute moral hygiene play concerning the grave risks involved in “going steady” or in trying to conquer the world.

I Was a Teenage Firestarter / Bedwetter from Mars!

  • November 2012, Production: The Red Eye Festival (coast-to-coast 24-hour play festival), The Lincoln Loft, Chicago IL /
    Hamner Theatre, Waynesboro VA /
    University of Great Falls, Great Falls MT /
    The Spot, Arroyo Grande CA.