As a boy, in his bed one night, HH glimpses a vision of decadence and otherness and opium from a storybook, in a fantastical tale of exotic faraway lands. “Opium,” he asks his mother, “what is Opium?” He is seven years old; he has found his vocation. The Muse Factory looks at ideas of obscenity, otherness, and community through the lens of a group of bohemians in a dreamlike 1940s. Inspired by the lives of the so-called Beat generation writers, the play examines how the impulse for transgression and the thirst for community are at odds in a group of outcasts unsure whether they are criminals or artists or both.

The Muse Factory

Developed with the support of: the MacDowell Colony; the Playwrights Theatre Centre Writers Colony; the University of Waterloo, Department of Drama; and the Toronto Arts Council.