Start your engines. | poster by Secret Theatre

Start your engines. | poster by Secret Theatre

It’s just human nature after all: no matter where you go, people are always going to want to go fast. folkloremobile is an audio installation/performance for six female storytellers. The voices begin by telling you stories of men and their love of racing and cars, but as these memories unfold they turn into meditations on the fundamental questions of life.


Co-created by Dustin Scott Harvey and Robert Plowman, in collaboration with Brian Riley. Vocal performances by Andrea Dymond, Ann-Marie Kerr, Leesa Hamilton, Martha Irving, Sarah Moore, Kathryn McCormack, and Cy Harvey. Produced by Secret Theatre.

  • September 2018, Installation: Antigonight: Art After Dark festival, Antigonish NS.

  • October 2012, Installation: Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala, Halifax NS.

  • October 2012, Installation: Nocture: Art at Night festival, Halifax NS.

Secret Theatre commissioned the script with the support of Nova Scotia Communities, Culture & Heritage.