Your whiskers tickle. | poster by Stephen Bishop

  Your whiskers tickle. | poster by Stephen Bishop

In the city of tomorrow: the tycoon dreams of immortality, the scientist races to discover the cure for time to save his daughter’s life, the anarchist plots revolution, and the thief journeys to the land of the dead to bring back his true love. In Radium City, the laws of science fray and give way to an age of monsters and miracles.

Radium City

Published in New Canadian Drama: Reluctant Texts from Exuberant Performance (Volume 9).

  • July 2009, Reading: Hollins Playwrights Festival, Roanoke VA.
  • April 2005, Reading: Zuppa Theatre, Irondale Reading Series, Halifax NS.
  • November 2004, Workshop: Zuppa Theatre, Halifax NS.
  • August 2004, Reading: Zuppa Theatre, Catskill Festival of New Theatre, Highland Lake NY.
  • March 2004, Reading: Zuppa Theatre, University of Toronto “Shifting Tides: Atlantic Canadian Theatre: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” Conference, Toronto ON.

Written with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture & Heritage.